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MHI to Launch Public Website for Consumers Showing Variation in Medical Care 

Health plans have long provided physicians with feedback on how often their patients receive care in line with nationally-standardized measures. One challenge, however, has been that each health plan only represented a portion of the physicians' patients. MHI aggregates data across the region's three largest health plans, self-insured employers and unions and Express Scripts Inc.

This summer, MHI is sharing this information with physician practices through one-on-one presentations and via an online portal. Next spring, MHI will launch a public website for consumers showing the variation in evidence-based care by physician practice.  

In the meantime, check out the report below showing variation in hospital readmissions, infection rates and other measures of safety. 



Tools & Resources for Health Plans

Health plans have a lot of information on the health care that is provided in the areas they serve. However, they too can wonder how other regions are using this information to improve care.

Downloads   Links


St. Louis Area Health Care Industry Overview

A publication by the St. Louis Area Business Health Coalition that looks at trends in finances and quality at St. Louis area hospitals.

Health CEOs for Health Reform

Realinging U.S. Health Care Incentives to Better Serve Patients and Taxpayers: An examination of the current health care payment system by the New America Foundation and  a discussion of how changes in payment structure could lead to higher quality, more affordable care.



A research organization that thinks about how to create a health care system that rewards quality.


The Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute, home of the Bridges to Excellence and Prometheus, focuses on ways to better align the financial incentives among health care providers, patients and large health care purchasers such as employers and health plans.