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Midwest Health Initiative
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The Midwest Health Initiative was founded with the support of The St. Louis Area Business Health Coalition, the region’s insurers and leading St. Louis area employers. Soon the partnership expanded to include labor unions, physicians, hospitals other health care providers and community representatives. With a committed leadership team and a community data asset, MHI is focused on inspiring improvements in health and health care.

Fall 2016

Release Second Round of Total Cost of Care Reports to Providers, showing primary care practices the average total costs of care for their patients compared to regional benchmarks. 

Summer 2016

Launch ChooseWellSTL.org, a website for the public showing variation in how often patients of local hospitals and primary care practices receive care in-line with recommended standards.

Spring 2016

Launch CareWell, a private portal for primary care physicians showing how often their patients receive care in-line with recommended standards.

Fall 2015

Hosts Community Conversation, a half-day dialogue to consider how St. Louis might move toward becoming a national leader in health, care quality and affordability.

Summer 2015

Releases First Steps: A Journey to Developing a Shared Understanding of Health Care Costs and Utilization in the St. Louis Area.

Spring 2014

Launches LiveWellSTL.org to connect St. Louisians to Ways to Move More, Eat Better, Lose Weight and Feel Well.

Winter 2013

Earns "Qualified Entity" Status from Medicare.

Spring 2012

Begins Partnerships for Healthier Babies, a Community Effort to Reduce Early Elective Deliveries.

Winter 2012

Secures Milliman Inc. as its Data Vendor.

Winter 2011

Releases Its First Public Report on the Status of Health and Care Quality in St. Louis.

Summer 2010

Mails More Than 1,200 Physicians Clinical Quality Reviews with Private Comparative Performance Information on their Practices.

Summer 2010

Officially Launches When the Internal Revenue Service Grants MHI 501(c)3 status.


“MHI's multi-stakeholder structure holds us accountable to each other, to do what we can to improve the quality of care for us and our community."

Tom Hastings
Primary Care Physician, Chair,
MHI Physician Leadership Council