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MHI to Launch Public Website for Consumers Showing Variation in Medical Care 

Health care providers and patients need better information on how often patients receive recommended care, the safety of the care being received and  its affordability. 

Next spring MHI will release a public website with information on how often patients receive recommended care. Patients will be able to see these rates for the physician practices they visit and compare those rates with other physician practices and community averages.  Comparisons of hospital care will also be available. 

In the meantime, check out the report below which shows variation in hospital readmission rates, infection rates and other measures of safety. 



Tools & Resources for Hospitals

Hospital leaders spend much of their time thinking about how they can make health care higher quality, safer and more efficient. These tools and resources are designed to assist in those ongoing efforts. 

Tools    Downloads     Links


Institute for Healthcare Improvement 

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement has developed and adapted a basic set of tools to help organizations accelerate improvement. These include tools for gathering information, analyzing processes, gathering data and documenting your work. 

Why Not the Best?

This Commonwealth Fund website offers hospitals a series of case studies to help them learn successful strategies to create safe, reliable health care processes and deliver high-quality care to patients. 


Early Learnings from the Bundled Acute Care Episode Demonstration Project

This report provides a case study of a small Centers for Medicare and Medicaid demonstration project that hopes to improve care coordination, care quality and better aligned incentives.



The National Priorities Partnership is a national coalition of 48 organizations joining together to improve America’s health and health care system. Their vision is for world-class, affordable healthcare and is transforming healthcare from the inside out.


The Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute, home of the Bridges to Excellence and Prometheus, focuses on ways to better align the financial incentives among health care providers, patients and large health care purchasers such as employers and health plans.