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St. Louis MSA Health Stats

A Community Scorecard for Commercial Populations 

Midwest Health Initiative (MHI), St. Louis’ regional health improvement collaborative, is pleased to share with you its 2020 St. Louis Community Scorecard based on medical claims for services, calendar year 2019.

This Community Scorecard provides regional benchmark information to support our community in identifying opportunities to improve the health of our population. Additionally, it provides measures by which we can gauge our collective progress toward making St. Louis a national leader in the health of its residents, and the quality and affordability of its health care services. 

The results included here are mostly from MHI’s database which has now grown to include more than 2.2 million commercially-insured lives supplemented by information from other sources. This scorecard is based on a subset of the MHI database of those who reside in the St. Louis Metropolitan Statistical Area.